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Yuletide planning

My nomination plans:

1. Cordwainer Smith. Because the world needs more Cordwainer Smith stories, darn it!

2. Preiddeu Annwn, because lignota thought about nominating a song version for Jukebox and ever since she reminded me that this poem exists, I have really really wanted a fic about the three fullnesses of Prydwen that went with Arthur, dolorous visit; and none rose up, except seven...

3. many options!

-Tillerman, because I love the books and hence always nominate it (though I'm thinking maybe give something else a chance this year)
-Der Ring, Brunnhilde and Loge (I really wonder what they thought of each other)
-Eugene Onegin, Tatiana (am leaning against this, mostly because I'm realizing I want a particular story that at this point I might as well write myself)
-Church Going (Philip Larkin) (because it would be interesting to see what someone did with the worldbuilding Larkin sketches in the later stanzas; I'm kinda leaning towards this one)
-Mabinogion, because Arianrhod

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