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Fic Master List
Hi! This is my fic journal. This fic-list is woefully out of date; probably better to check my AO3 profile. But anyway, here's a fic-list of my older fic. Asterisks denote my favorites.

Miscellaneous (Dark is Rising/Welsh Mythology, Dune, Le Morte d'Arthur, Norse Mythology):
Light from the Lost Land (Dark is Rising/Welsh Myth, G, gen, Gwyddno Garanhir) DW|AO3
King Gwyddno Garanhir asks whether he should make the crystal sword. (1,536 words)

Water Crusade (Dune, PG-13 for violence, gen/mild M/M, Paul Atreides, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen) DW|AO3
AU: Paul Atreides and Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen meet five times before the events of Dune. (3,152 words)

The Monstrous Crying of Wind (Le Morte d'Arthur(Malory), PG-13 for themes, gen, Ygraine, Morgause, Morgan) DW | AO3
Ygraine tells her daughters about her lost son. (1,889 words)

Who Gathers All Things Mortal (Norse Myth, gen, Hel) AO3
Hel heeds her mother's words, in the ninth realm. (1504 words)

Bible (including crossovers):
For She Desires Questioning More than Sacrifices (Abraham's Daughter (song) and 16th Century CE RPF, gen, Abraham's Daughter, William Tyndale) AO3 The effects of Abraham's daughter's actions, down the ages. (875 words)

*For in the Wilderness Shall Waters Break Forth (Moses und Aron (Schoenberg), gen, Miriam, Zipporah, Elisheva) AO3 Some of the folk Zipporah saw had danced before the golden calf. Many had renounced it from the beginning. Most tried to follow God in the way they best understood. And they were all Israel. (3,089 words)

Interactive Complexity as Indigenous to Human Systems (Moses und Aron (Schoenberg), gen, PG-13 for language only, Moses, Aaron, crackfic) AO3 ...if Schoenberg wrote Bible crack!AU fanfic instead of an opera, and put all his philosophical kinks in it... The crack AU where Moses is the Chief Scientist, Aaron is his sales guy, and God is the CEO. (3045 words)

*She will place on your head a graceful garland; she will bestow on you a beautiful crown (Tanakh/Bible, PG-13 for themes, gen, Abigail, Bathsheba) AO3
King's wives; king's sons. (3,181 words)
Podfic by [personal profile] elementals_ao3 here.

Greek Mythology:
*The Family Business (PG, gen, Athena(Minerva)-centric, SF-vaguely-cyberpunk)AO3
Minerva navigates the family politics of Olympus Worlds, Inc. as she investigates a promising developer who may have something very interesting to add to the company's shared-world virtual reality systems. (5135 words)

*Thirteen Views of a Labyrinth (PG, gen, Ariadne, Icarus)AO3
They are not so very different, Ariadne and Pasiphaë, Icarus and Daedalus, Ariadne and Icarus. (7087 words)

Legally Blonde:
Five ways Emmett (might have) told Elle he loved her. (PG, Elle/Emmett, Elle/Other, Emmett/Other)AO3
Might-have-beens. (4,300 words)

Into the Life of Things. (Crossover with Tam Lin; PG, Janet/Thomas, Elle/Emmett) AO3
Janet and Thomas go to grad school and law school, respectively, and over the course of several years get to know two other law students quite well. One is an immediate friend, and the other takes more work. (6,825 words)

Four times Elle taught Emmett something (and one time Warner did). (PG, Elle/Emmett) AO3
What the title says. (3,870 words)

Les Miserables (Hugo):
*The Perils of Walking in the Rue de l'Homme Arme (G, Montparnasse & Jean Valjean, 3690 words) AO3
In which Montparnasse finds that the perils of walking in the Rue de l'Homme Arme are twofold: first, that one might begin to think; and second, that one might come across a weak old man.

Resignation (G, Javert, 974 words) AO3
Javert isn't singing in Barricade Heaven, but it's not because he committed suicide. Or: I don't think Hugo's theology exactly includes a hell, but with Javert it might not much matter...

Once Upon a Time:
The Best Chance (PG, Emma/Gold, 31,629 words) AO3
Some families are bound by blood, some by law, and some simply by choice, but family always finds one another.

*As on a Darkling Plain (PG, gen-slight-F/M Emma-Gold) DW|AO3
Honesty isn't the best color on Mr. Gold; Emma's talent is finding people. Emma and Gold make a deal. (6506 words)

Relapse (PG-13 (for violence), Baelfire, Gold) DW|AO3
Bae finds Storybrooke at the same time that Gold finds the man who stole his cup. (1,188 words)

The Being Human series (PG): wherein I burden Belle and Rumpelstiltskin with my Issues and try to iron out some of the more problematic things about their relationship, and drag some of the other characters into the mess as well. And in which Belle goes off to college and briefly dates John Crichton from Farscape. Yeah. I have Issues. (And which was completely jossed by "The Return.")

4. Being Human DW|AO3
The curse is broken. Belle tries to figure out her life, as do the rest of the Storybrooke inhabitants. (9,634 words)

3. The Riddle (humor) DW|AO3
Mr. Gold gives Rose (Belle) a riddle, and her friends discuss it. (1,182 words)

2. Becoming Human DW|AO3
Gold can feel the cracks in the curse. He waits for the day when the curse will finally be broken, the day when Belle will know who she is. (3,141 words)

1. Human Again DW|AO3
Belle reminds Rumplestiltskin what it is to be human; they plot to overthrow the Queen. (2,419 words)

*And the cruelest of these is love (R, Regina) DW|AO3
The Queen knows what love is. (1,566 words)
[Details jossed by "The Stable Boy," but I'm pleased how well the central ideas of the fic still hold up.]

Star Trek (TNG, DS9)
*The Queen of Air and Darkness (TNG, gen-slight-F/F; Deanna Troi, Borg Queen, Guinan) DW | AO3 (2,309 words)

One Ordinary Week, with Party Hats (DS9, gen, Bashir/Garak, humor) AO3
Life goes on as usual for the inhabitants of DS9. With the exception of Julian Bashir, who has a Plan. (3,484 words)

Stargate: Universe
Enhancing Organizational Productivity (gen-F/F, Wray-centric, same warnings as for SGU) AO3
The Destiny starts to run diagnostics on another member of the crew.

Four Theories on How Rush Broke His Arm (And One Way He Did) (gen; ensemble) DW | AO3
Rush isn't telling anyone how he hurt his arm. Pure indulgent fluff. (937 words)

Laws of Motion (F/M; Johansen/Rush) DW | AO3
In which TJ and Rush become unlikely allies, Destiny may or may not be trying to play matchmaker, engineering turns out to have its moments, Young frets, and everyone more-or-less obeys Newton's Three Laws. (3,931 words)

Non sum qualis eram bonae sub regno Cynarae (Rush-centric, F/M; Nick/Gloria, Rush/Perry) DW | AO3
Nick Rush is no stranger to students having crushes on him. Unfortunately. (1,839 words)

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